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LIFE BY DESIGN, Lifestyle Consulting, Coaching. Mediation


Let's plant the seed now, let them know that they CAN design

& create their OWN lives!!

 Ages 12-15.  $29.00 Registration Fee.

Instructor: Marti Montoya, CLC, ACM, Lifestyle Consultant, Coach, Mediator.


This week our girls learned about Vision Boards and the importance of visualizing our goals and aspirations.  Its a way to send messages to our subconscious.  Its a concept that requires us to realize our deepest desires and vocalize them through art.  Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do.

As simplistic as it may seem, Olympic athletes have been using it for decades.  Its a form of bringing thoughts and goals into life,  a way to add clarity to your desires and feelings to your visions.

This is also an excellent tool to stay focused and true to your goals in life.  LIFE BY DESIGN...YOUR DESIGN!!


Bring in 2020 with a Bang! Manifest your greatest dreams into Reality! 

LIFE BY DESIGN - Vision Board Workshop! (Learn To Re-Wire Your Brain by learning various NeuroScience fun techniques)

Instructor: Marti Montoya, CLC, ACM (915) 240-8820


Saturday classes, starting January 4th-25th., -3:00-5:00PM,

Also brand new!  "MANDALA  ART  WORKSHOP" 

                                                                         Saturday Classes, starting January 4th-25th -6:00PM

                                                                        Hobby Lobby (Classroom) 7930 N. Mesa, El Paso, Tx. 79932

                                                                        Fee: $35.00/person  (supplies to be purchased @ store)

Get Directions  (915) 833-2626