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Client Testimonials

Marti Montoya has a unique perspective and appreciation for life, having been a stage four Cancer Survivor. Marti is a knowledgeable Life Coach who is inspiring and motivating to speak with... I appreciate, value and respect, her expertise!

Larry Quintero TrulyGreenSolution.com

Marti is a blessing in so many ways. She is an excellent listener and a beautiful person with great intuition. Her extensive knowledge keeps ever growing when helping others. I have had many sessions with Marti and I always come away with a more focused mindset than before. She has helped me see the path, if only one stone at a time, that was right in front of me but that I could not see it. Thank you Marti!

Samantha - Life By Design Client

Hola! Estoy buscando terapia de pareja para mi esposo y yo. Cuando es lo mas pronto posible que podria agendar una cita? Muchas gracias

Karen (M.F.) - Life By Design Client

Marti is such an amazing and caring woman. She helped us work through our stubbornness and issues. She such a wonderful woman!!

Jessica - Life By Design Client

I started seeing Marti in January and she really helped me in these past 3 months, I went from feeling lost and stuck, to optimistic and ready for anything. Words can’t explain how much I thank for her help so far and the progress I’ve made. Thank you very much Marti!

Devona - Life By Design Client